All-inclusive benefits with RIU hotels, Dhaalu atoll

When booking a vacation there are a lot of factors to consider depending on individual preferences. But among a myriad of options, most would come to the conclusion that it should be as stress-free as possible. The all-inclusive concept saves the day when it comes to choosing a hassle-free vacation. Connected by a footbridge extending 800 m above the water, the two RIU hotels in the Maldives, on two separate islands, welcome travelers for an all-inclusive vacation.

RIU Hotels and Resorts have found their way into vibrant tourist spots around the world, with every RIU franchise staying true to the brand characteristics. Joining the luxury properties dotted around Dhaalu Atoll are the two all-inclusive RIU properties offering superb vacations that can be arranged according to specific tastes. Travelers can choose to opt for an all-inclusive package with the option to use outlets at both resorts, which is an advantage over the usual resorts in the Maldives.

The Riu Atoll Hotel is located on Maafushi Island, part of Dhaalu Atoll, featuring 250 rooms equipped with modern amenities. The resort provides a fun atmosphere with families, friends or couples to get together and have fun. Authentic culinary experiences can be shared with loved ones in a dynamic environment that will delight the senses from all points of view. From Italian to hearty meals at the on-site steakhouse, the Riu Atoll is a food lover’s paradise, among other compliments. At the RiuLand Kids Club, children can have fun with many activities to nurture their well-being. The spa that caters to guests of both hotels offers a soothing blend of therapeutic massages to further unwind while vacation mode is on.


Right next door is the Riu Palace Maldivas hotel on Kedhigandu Island with its 150 rooms, overlooking tropical nature. Some of the overwater villas have private pools, for an intimate getaway based entirely on relaxation. The resort offers a variety of authentic cuisines, blending Eastern and Western influences to create dishes that allow the taster to savor every bite. Guests of the Riu Palace with children can climb up to the sister property to engage their children in the lively kids’ club.

The perfect vacation is different for different perspectives. The all-inclusive concept offers travelers to sit back and enjoy its perks, the first of which is affordable luxury. The right all-inclusive deal brightens up the vacation with the right mix of entertainment, food and relaxation – an easy pass to a great vacation full of treasured memories.

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