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Kochi: The revelations made by an Italy-based Keralite woman indicate that Monson Mavunkal, the accused in the multi-crore cheating case, is a high-profile fraud.

Anitha Pullayil claimed that her efforts also helped to unmask the true character of the man who identified himself as a multimillionaire engaged in the collection and trade of rare antiques.

She said Manorama that it was former Kerala Police Chief Lokanath Behera who first told him that Monson was an impostor. “I had approached police officers, including (then) DGP Behera as a social worker, only to raise issues regarding non-resident Keralites,” she said.

“This is how I got to know senior officials,” said Anitha, global coordinator of the Pravasi Malayali Federation (PMF) and member of the Loka Kerala Sabha.

Anitha, originally from Mala in the district of Thrissur, married an Italian citizen and has lived in Italy for 23 years.

First contact

Anitha revealed that she was introduced to Monsoon as the patron of the PMF three years ago. He attended his father’s funeral two years ago. At that time, she visited Monson’s home with PMF officials and took photos with him.

She became friends with Monson without knowing he was an impostor.

Later, their families also became very close. “I donated the money that was kept for my younger sister’s marriage to Monson. However, after hearing from various people that he was an impostor, I walked away from him.

“I asked Monson directly if he was an impostor. He tried to file a libel claim against me after realizing I had information about certain things,” Anitha said.

“I understood that Monson was a con artist when he spoke to many victims posing as a PMF official. Many were reluctant to press charges against him, fearing that they would lose the money they had invested. Monsoon even took money from some people promising he would arrange college admission, ”Anitha said.

Anitha revealed that it was on her invitation that Behera and ADGP Manoj Abraham visited the Monson Museum two years ago. After visiting the museum, the two officers were suspicious of his activities and inquired about Monson.

Later, when Behera met Anitha, he told her that Monson was an impostor and asked her to be careful when dealing with him.

Subsequently, MP Hibi Eden also informed her that Monson was a fraudster.

She also claimed that some time ago some of her victims told her that they had been duped for Rs 10 crore. “I told them to file a complaint with the chief minister. I told them because of the possibility that Monson would cover up his fraud and settle the case, ”added Anitha, revealing that she had previously spoken to Crime Branch officials about the matter.

The people who have filed complaints against Monson lately are Yakub Purayil, Siddique Purayil, Anoop V Ahamed, Salim Edathil, MT Shameer and Shanimon.

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