“Hey, Disney! Amazon and Disney welcome new era of Alexa-style voice assistants

Alexa is not alone. Amazon Echo has the first new voice assistant. He is a Disney brand personality who brings movie characters to life with skills like games, bedtime stories, jokes, and songs.

It’s called Hey Disney, and those words activate a unique voice that coexists with Alexa on an Echo device designed by Disney to unlock interactive Disney entertainment. Scheduled for release next year It can be purchased as an add-on for guests staying in guest rooms at the Walt Disney World hotel and those with an echo device.

Check this out:

Listen to the assistant “Hey Disney”


The Disney Assistant demo isn’t available yet, but when you ask Alexa “Tell me about Hey Disney,” you’ll hear a preview of the audio. This can also be heard on the built-in video player above.

Disney is not saying how much this download-at-home assistant will cost. But don’t think of it as a replacement for Alexa. Hey, Disney doesn’t shop, read the news, or run smart homes.

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So why pay anything other than Alexa? If you have kids, you might already know the answer. This “magical companion” can be full of jokes, quizzes, or songs, as Disney calls it. Not only Mickey, but characters from Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel evoke their voices in interactive stories and games. Then play “Soundscape” as a background soundtrack inspired by movies and theme parks.


Hey Disney is a new voice assistant that unlocks interactive entertainment with Disney characters. Next year, it will be available on Echo devices and will coexist with Alexa.


It’s programmed to do some of Echo’s basic tricks like weather notifications, weather reports, alarm settings, and more. (probably like Disney). According to Disney, custom voices can have over 1,000 interactions, and if you have an Echo with a screen, it has a visual element as well.

And that’s just the beginning. In a video interview, Dansoto, vice president of technology and digital at Disney Parks, said the company could add more features and use them in new ways.

“It’s like scratching the surface of a place where we can use voice technology for our guests,” Soto added. “We have a pretty special idea of ​​what we could do with it for the future.”

NOT. Echo show 5A smart display with a 5.5-inch touchscreen is what you’ll find in a Disney Florida hotel room. And if you want to be a full part of Echo’s Disneyfication at home, there’s a new OtterBox booth that puts Mickey Mouse ears on the Echo Show 5. Book now for $ 25..


If you need a little more Disney for the Echo Show 5, a Mickey Mouse-themed OtterBox booth costs $ 25.


Hey Disney Hotel

This voice at home can bring comfortable pleasure, but the Hey Disney hotel is even more precious. We can accommodate requests for certain rooms, such as requests for additional towels and assistance with luggage and departure. You can also answer questions about the resort, such as the departure time of the next bus to Epcot, the location of the Italian restaurant, and the park’s opening and closing times. By dealing with these common tasks on your computer, you can save time for guests and senior Disney staff.

That’s a lot of Amazon in Disney facilities, as Echo Show 5 devices have been added to over 30,000 rooms. However, these devices have been modified for guest privacy. According to Disney, the camera and call features are disabled and the speakerphone goes inactive and muted when a guest enters the room. You must register to activate the speakerphone.

Check this out:

Amazon briefly introduces Disney’s voice assistant


Plus, there’s no way to buy anything with the hotel version of Hey Disney (so parents don’t have to worry about a surprise pizza delivered to the room).

These Disney hotel echo devices center around Hey Disney, but include part of Alexa’s voice. Amazon’s OG Assistant can respond to guest requests to read news or play music, but the TV and room lights won’t turn on (at least not yet).

It’s Alexa for hospitality and it’s done in Disney style

Disney wasn’t the first hotel to have an in-room Echo device. The Alexa for Hospitality program has been operational since 2018, with the Marriott hotel being the first to participate. This gives the hotel control over what Alexa wants to do, giving guests greater control over privacy, including not recording the history of voice commands.

Legoland Resort in Florida added Echo Dots to the Pirate Island hotel earlier this year. There is no special Legoland assistant or voice, but you can call Alexa to talk about bedtime with pirate narration or start a scavenger hunt inside. (Yes, this Alexa has a hacker joke.)

Disney assistants have their own personalities and voices since launch Amazon Alexa Personalized Assistant Program.. This allows companies to create their own assistants tailored to the brand personality and specific customer needs. But behind the scenes, all the technology is coming from Amazon.

Alexa Custom Assistant isn’t just limited to hotels. Brands can add their own touch to Alexa anywhere. Mai Voice in the car Provides special skills associated with a particular vehicle. For some activities such as cooking or exercising, you can call a brand’s special assistant. Disney was the first company to develop independently using Amazon technology.

Having multiple assistants on the Echo is a new area for Amazon. However, Alexa Everywhere VP Aaron Rubenson says he calls out multiple voices to different friends throughout the day.

“You can tell a friend about their favorite music or another friend about their favorite Disney characters and movies,” Rubenson said. “Likewise, we believe that customers should be able to choose to interact with different voice assistants on a particular device. Everyone can have their own skills and abilities.

There might be a future where the Echo speakers will be filled with assistants from different brands. It may depend on how much you like this new Disney character.

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