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The monuments tribute to Christopher Columbus should be removed. Italian culture, heritage and heritage are much more than Christopher Columbus. The very idea that Columbus exemplifies the contributions Italians made to society is pitiful, painful and pathetic. It is downright offensive.

Columbus did not accomplish anything of importance. He hasn’t proven the Earth to be round. The ancient Greeks did, and globes existed in the 15th century. Columbus was not the first European to come to North America; the Vikings had done it 500 years earlier.

Columbus was the first Spanish conquistador. He subjugated, exploited and enslaved the native population. Its cruelty to the indigenous population and European settlers who dared to challenge its governance has been well documented.

Italy has a rich culture and heritage. There are many Italians who have enriched civilization and inspired the world. If we want to honor Italian heritage, we must build monuments of artistic beauty, scientific advances and creative genius that Italians have given to the world: sincere and inspiring works of beauty, art and science that unite people people, heal the wounds of society and improve humanity and the human spirit.

It’s time for people of Italian descent to put an end to what one of the worst among us all represents.

Jack D’Elia, Jersey City

Tenants take advantage of eviction bans

This is a response to T. Patrick Hill’s recent editorial, “On Moratorium on Evictions, Supreme Court overturns law”. Hill, an associate professor at Rutgers University, criticizes the August 26 U.S. Supreme Court ruling against extending a COVID-19 moratorium ending residential tenant evictions.

While a moratorium on evictions seems like a humane thing to do during this crisis, no one considers that a landlord should keep paying the bills, even if tenants don’t.

This could put homeowners in a position of losing their property to a bank that holds the mortgage, or being forced to sell, which could result in a tenant being taken out anyway.

There is a shortage of workers in almost every field, but unemployment has reached some of the highest rates on record. Shame on our government for being so naive that it allows people to take advantage of extended and increased unemployment benefits when there are so many job opportunities.

So our government pays increased unemployment benefits, along with child support and additional child support – and allows tenants to keep that extra money and not pay rent.

I have a tenant in a building that I own who does not pay rent. However, the family just received new furniture for the whole apartment and warned me that they would be on vacation. All the while I am paying the increasing bills and taxes. The moratorium on evictions and extended unemployment benefits must end. Getting people back to work is the key to our economy.

The American dream is to work hard and move forward. The dream is not about those who work hard for higher taxes on higher incomes to pay those who choose not to work and profit from it.

Matthew Roth, Marlboro Township

Welcome back, Kyrie?

The October 6 Star-Ledger front page notes that basketball star Kyrie Irving will not get a COVID-19 shot and therefore may not be allowed to play home games for his team, the Brooklyn. Nets.

The article “Take the shot, Kyrie!” Star said to lead by example, ”said one of Irving’s former teachers at St. Patrick’s High School in Elizabeth, where he had previously played, urging him to get the shot.

Just above this article was another, “NJ is not ready to require injections for students.” He said Gov. Phil Murphy has no plans at this time to impose a COVID-19 vaccine requirement for students to attend school, as California recently did.

Maybe Kyrie should go back to high school. Not only would he not be prevented from playing because he was not vaccinated, but he could learn something in the health class that he needs to know.

Lonnie Hanauer, West Orange

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