Inside a strange “metaverse vacation” where a ROBOT explores a vacation spot – while you wear glasses and an exoskeleton at home

Forget jumping on a plane and packing your sunscreen – robots might one day go on vacation for us while we stay home.

Of course, many of us want to properly laze on a beach and see the sights, but Italian scientists have shown how it can be done with a man more than 185 miles away from his avatar.


A man dresses 290 km from the robotCredit: Italian Institute of Technology
The robot does the heavy lifting in Venice


The robot does the heavy lifting in VeniceCredit: Italian Institute of Technology

Instead of battling tourists in Venice, the robot did the hard work for him while he stayed across the country in Genoa.

Even if he didn’t just sit still.

To make it as realistic as possible, it has been equipped with many sensors, a VR headset and a walking board, all of which are imitated by the iCub3 robot on site.

With it, the user can not only see everything in real time, but also touch and feel.

The robot will even smile every time you do it.

The experts behind it believe it could one day be used to transport our senses into the metaverse as well.

The 1.25 meter tall prototype struts around on two legs following your every move.

It also copies smiles, conversations and handshakes.

So when a guide kisses the avatar in Venice, the operator in Genoa also feels it thanks to haptic feedback technology.

“On the one hand, the recent pandemic has taught us that advanced telepresence systems could become necessary very quickly in different fields, such as health and logistics,” said Daniele Pucci, research director at the Italian Institute of Technology. .

“On the other hand, avatars can enable people with severe physical disabilities to work and perform tasks in the real world via the robotic body.

“It may be an evolution of rehabilitation and prosthetic technologies.

“What I also see in our near future is the application of this system to the so-called metaverse, which is actually based on immersive, remote human avatars.”

Haptic technology lets you feel what the robot is touching


Haptic technology lets you feel what the robot is touchingCredit: Italian Institute of Technology

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