OIAM and Restrata in UK adopt new health guidelines; schedule the first launch of the SL tour from Italy

  • Bio-secure tourism company breaks new ground in new post-COVID standard in leisure travel using UK-developed technology
  • Targets spiritual travelers in Europe with the launch of a personalized “Visit Taporavana 2022” from Italy next week

New entrant in the new normal of post-COVID tourism, One In A Million Ltd. (OIAM) said yesterday that in partnership with UK group Restrata, it would adopt new health guidelines announced this week to bring Italy’s leading group of tourists. .

Health Services Director General Asela Gunawardana said: “Foreigners and foreign tourists who are not fully vaccinated will be allowed to visit their hotels under a bio-secure bubble.

A spokesperson for OIAM said the new guidelines would allow the company to respond to the niche market segment already available in Europe who are not vaccinated but would prefer to travel in a secure bio-bubble.

The OIAM’s expertise in this specialized market segment would be based on its Restrata platform which exclusively protects its tourists thanks to its mechanism for traceability and contact tracking. “The current scenario along with the world’s first technologically enabled bio-secure platform could attract this segment much more easily than any other country to this Asian leisure destination,” the OIAM spokesperson told Daily FT .

Currently, the OIAM boasts of three European hubs – Milan, London and Zagreb – where they bring together tourists who undergo a PCR test at the departure airport 48 hours before. After the negative PCR results, all tourists and charter airline crew members receive a wristband / lanyard (FOB) which immediately activates the bio-secure bubble on the main control room of Restrata UK and OIAM Sri Lanka on a digital and real-time monitoring dashboard. .

After the bubble charter flight leaves the airport, the bubble will be in motion and will then be integrated with the Mattala airport bubble, creating a bubble to bubble integration. This mechanism would be further strengthened thanks to digital locators that loop through all hotel premises linking FOBs worn by tourists, hotel staff and other support staff, the spokesperson for the hotel said. ‘OIAM.

“The bio-secure bubble can be expanded to a small village or an entire bay or a specific mountain atmosphere or retreat. For example, spiritual tourists from Europe attracted to Sri Lanka would minimize their travel to identified hotel premises and nearby scenic spots, ”the spokesperson said.

“These spiritual travelers prefer to engage in meditation, yoga activities, tantric chakra awakening practices, nature-supported healing practices such as sun worship and Ayurvedic spa treatments and hela rituals. veda, “he added.

According to the OIAM, the COVID pandemic which lasted nearly 18 months has slowed the movement of about three million tourists in this segment who also travel to myriads of scenic destinations throughout Asia.

In pursuit of this niche tourist market, the OIAM plans to launch its program of visits “Visit Taporavana 2022” presenting www.travelbubblelanka.com with the Restrata platform www.restrata.com. The event will take place at Bvlgari Hotel Milano in accordance with COVID guidelines stipulated by Italian health authorities.

The launch will host Italian tourism giant Luca Patane and other distinguished players in the Italian outbound tourism industry. Patane is the owner of Uvet Viaggi Tourismo Milano. Uvet is one of the major travel agencies that send Italian tourists to the Maldives.

“The importance of the Sri Lankan market will be highlighted at this launch while showcasing how these spiritual tourists could visit Sri Lanka despite a global pandemic. The “Visit Taporavana 2022” launch is intended to increase awareness at this launch where the most famous and respected tourism personalities will get first-hand information on how OIAM and Restrata plan to respond to this segment. exclusive market, ”added the OIAM spokesperson.

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