Pandemic points that Italy must cooperate to host the G20

Matera, Italy (AP) – The pandemic is teaching painful lessons about the correlation between the world, with ministers from countries representing more than half of the world’s population meeting in Italy on Tuesday for vaccines and climate. We looked for a better way to cooperate, like fluctuations. Effort.

Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio cited the two areas in which cooperation between countries is essential. He began his appointment in the presence of foreign ministers and development ministers from 20 groups. The G20 countries together represent around 80% of global GDP.

Some ministers participated remotely due to travel issues related to COVID-19, including in China, Russia and Brazil.

“In an interconnected world, multilateralism and international cooperation are the only effective ways to address global challenges,” said Dimaio. “We have an example with a vaccine.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken relied on Di Maio’s premises in his opening remarks.

“To end the pandemic, we need to get more vaccines in more places,” Blinken said. “Multilateral cooperation will be the key to ending this global health crisis. “

Blinken took the opportunity to promote the United States’ contribution to COVAX, a UN-backed program to provide vaccines to poor countries, including approximately 500 million Pfizer and 80 million doses.

Some rich countries are struggling to convince more segments of their population to get vaccinated against diseases that have killed nearly 4 million people worldwide with confirmed deaths. However, poor countries, especially Africa, are eager to get vaccinated. So far, only a small percentage of people have access to injections.

Scientists and many political leaders warn that pandemics can only be effectively controlled if all countries have high vaccination rates.

One of Tuesday’s sessions focuses on Africa.

For Dimaio, “2021 is an important year for the resumption of international cooperation” on climate change. “There is an opportunity not to be missed to implement the Paris Agreement.”

Earlier this year, the decision to help US President Joe Biden return and lead the fight against climate change encouraged his supporters to urgently tackle the threat of climate change. Last year, under the then Trump administration, the United States became the only country to leave the 2015 agreement.

G20 ministers will also discuss sustainable development and trade.

Italy hopes the conference will help promote a more sustainable and resilient recovery as the world emerges from the global COVID-19 crisis.

Reflecting that for the first time since 1999, when the group was formed, the Minister of Development was invited by Italy to join the Joint Conference with the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The cities of southern Italy selected for the conference could be an exciting symbol of development.

For decades Matera, the capital of Basilicata, one of Italy’s poorest regions, has been visually fascinating and synonymous with poverty and underdevelopment in southern Europe.

The famous “belt” (literally stone) of Matera was a dwelling carved out of a cave of natural tuff. In recent years, “scarves” have been transformed more and more into boutique hotels, restaurants and vacation homes for the wealthy, aspiring to be inspired by the spectacular views of the torrent city.


Frances D’Emilio reported from Rome.

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