Rahul Gandhi went back abroad, barely after a month

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi once again left India on a “short personal trip”, apparently to Italy. As the MP for Wayanad is not in India, his rally in Punjab has been postponed. It should be noted that Gandhi’s trip to Italy came as all political parties prepare for campaigns and rallies for the upcoming Assembly elections in five states, scheduled for early next year. .

ANI quoted Congress leader Randeep Surjewala as saying: “Rahul Gandhi is making a brief personal visit. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its media friends should not spread rumors unnecessarily. Gandhi was to launch the campaign in the Punjab with the party rally in Moga district on January 3. The rally would most likely be postponed. Reports suggest that Congress would not begin its campaign in the Punjab until Gandhi returns to India.

Gandhi’s previous trip lasted almost a month

Just before Diwali, Rahul Gandhi had disappeared again, apparently in London. On November 5, it was reported that Gandhi was on a “long vacation”. He returned after almost a month, just before the start of the winter session in Parliament. Around this time, BJP searched Gandhi and questioned his trip to London.

Gandhi is often seen as a full-time traveler rather than a politician. In December 2020, he left for Italy on the 136th day of his party’s founding. Its party leaders could not be satisfied with an explanation and also made themselves a target for the opposition and the media. In October 2019, a fortnight before the legislative elections in Haryana and Maharashtra, Gandhi had left, apparently for Bangkok.

Interestingly, Gandhi also has a habit of skipping important festive events. As of November 2019, Congress had scheduled as many as 35 press conferences across the country against the policies of the union government, but Gandhi, who reportedly gave instructions for the press conferences, himself ignored them.

In May 2019, before the vote count of the legislative elections, Rahul Gandhi skipped an important meeting held by the president of the UPA, Sonia Gandhi, during which they planned to vote on a candidate for the Prime Minister and s ‘flew to London for vacation. From missing budget sessions in 2018 to disappearing to trips to Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam in 2015, the congressman seems more interested in travel than in supporting his party. Not to forget, he used to skip SPG security for his overseas visits, which led to the revocation of security by the Home Office.

It should be noted here that Rahul Gandhi’s overseas visits are still shrouded in mystery. He never shares the news of his trips abroad in the media or even shares the photos of his many trips abroad. While the party machinery is busy grooming him as the prime minister’s candidate and party chairman, his frequent “disappearances” arouse only suspicion and speculation in people’s minds.

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