Rich Campbell acquaints Italians with the owner of his OTK

Mathew “Mizkif”, founding member and owner of the One True King gaming organization, and his close friend and co-founder, Rich Campbell, often engage in a war of words. Much to Miz’s chagrin, the other OTK members also follow in Miz’s footsteps and make fun of him. Or at least that’s what he thinks and suggests the same via his tweets.

But in an interesting twist of events, Rich Campbell, who is currently exploring the fascinating country of Italy on his tour, seems to be introducing Italians to Mizkif in an interesting way.

Additionally, Rich Campbell also encouraged some eccentric behavior that would surely not please his streamer friend at all.

Rich Campbell mocks Mizkif during live stream in Italy

The aforementioned recent stream titled ITALY | Last day in Rome with Cyr and Andy primarily centered around Rich Campell’s adventure through the majestic city of Rome.

Interestingly, while talking about the cracks or “scratches” in the road in the walking area, the Twitch streamer goes into detail about how they could have happened and that’s where things get extremely entertaining for Mizkif, as well as all One True King fans.

While strolling the streets of Rome, Rich Campbell encounters a handful of his Italian-born fans who seem to be shouting “F**k Mizkif!” after recognizing Rich Campbell.

Of course, the streamer had to intervene. He said :

“Yeah! F**k Mizkif! Yeah! Wooooo! [laughs uncontrollably]”

RichWCambell laughs after making fun of his friend (Images via Twitter/RichWCampbell)
RichWCambell laughs after making fun of his friend (Images via Twitter/RichWCampbell)

After publicly mocking his close friend, Rich Campbell burst out laughing at the actions of the Italian fans and didn’t seem to stop.

He then mentioned how the fans and individuals in Italy are some of the best people he has ever met. Rich Campbell pointed out:

“I love these guys. I have to say…the people I met in Italy, everyone from here…some of the coolest people I’ve met on my trip. I’m not saying Not that either. But we met so many nice people here.

Fans react to Rich Campbell taking a dig in Rome during his Italy tour

Fans went absolutely nuts during the recent live stream, with many spamming everyone’s favorite emoticon on Twitch, namely “OMEGALUL”, while using different slang for a laugh.

Fans' Screenshot  reactions (Images via Twitch/richwcampbell)
Screenshot of fan reactions (Images via Twitch/richwcampbell)

A few fans even joined Rich Campbell and his Italian fans and repeated his ‘words’ in the Twitch chat.

There were also a handful of individuals who urged people to make a music video, i.e. make a short video featuring the hysterical act. However, some wondered how the streamer would react to the hilarious incident.

Mizk has been busy streaming popular Reddit community game r/place lately and has become a big part of his recent streams. Although he was concerned about it, he was sure he did not expect to see this.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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