Slovenia: Affordable Luxury Holidays in Europe’s Best Kept Secret

Slovenia is one of Europe’s best kept secrets, offering all the charms of its neighboring countries but at a fraction of the cost. Sandwiched between Italy and Croatia, it is full of natural beauty, medieval towns and stunning alpine views.

Food and drink are serious business here too with a rich heritage of olive oil, fruit and wine production. Traditional Mediterranean cuisine and seasonal local meals dominate a developing food scene in the country.

So if you are looking to stay in luxury for less, this central European country could be for you. These are some of the unique experiences Slovenia has to offer.

Taste wine from one of Europe’s oldest producers

Slovenia has been producing wine since the 5th century BC – much longer than France, Spain or Germany. It is said that there is a wine cellar for every 70 people in the country, but most people in the world have never tasted the country’s glass because it only exports a tiny percentage of what it does. product.

This makes a trip to Slovenia the perfect opportunity to get a rare taste of these ancient vintages, including the country’s orange wine. This unique offering is made when the white wine is left to ferment with the skins and grape seeds still attached.

The prolonged contact between the skin and the grape juice transforms a range of hues from a vibrant orange to a warmer amber color.

The Brda region is home to some of the country’s most famous wineries and you can take a day trip including tasting for just € 35 per person. Find out more about the offer and how to book here.

Visit the historic thermal baths

Since Roman times, Slovenia has been known for its thermal spas. The warm, mineral-rich waters were the go-to health retreat for members of royal courts across Europe. It is one of the greenest countries in the world and many wellness destinations offer the best of this natural wealth.

Terme Dobrna has over 600 years of tradition and is the oldest working spa resort in Slovenia. Today, it is a spa resort that offers both the possibility of bathing in its thermal waters and more modern medical treatments.

A weekend getaway at the Hotel Vita Dobrna with breakfast or half-board and access to the thermal pools from € 130 per person.

Stay in a 13th-century Gothic castle

Hotel Grad Otočec is a 13th-century Gothic masterpiece located on an islet in the middle of the shallow river Krka, halfway between Zagreb and Ljubljana. This fairytale destination is the perfect place for a romantic getaway surrounded by great natural views.

The furniture has all been specially commissioned for the hotel and made by local artisans to be in keeping with the history of the castle. But the old-fashioned inspiration doesn’t mean it’s without all of the modern amenities you’d expect from a hotel of this caliber. It combines original features and luxury such as underfloor heating, contemporary bathrooms and a golf course.

For a stay of this standard, Grad Otočec Hotel offers very good value for money with double rooms from € 280 per night including breakfast.

Discover untapped natural beauty

It may not be a traditional form of luxury, but Slovenia has access to a plethora of protected green spaces.

The Triglav National Park is its largest protected area encompassing the majority of the eastern part of the Julian Alps. The park takes its name from the country’s highest mountain which, with a peak of over 2,800 meters, provides a spectacular backdrop.

The best part about choosing this experience when you visit Slovenia? While guided adventures and bike tours are available at reasonable prices, walking through the natural landscape itself is completely free.

As the third most forested country in Europe, much of the landscape is covered with trees. If you are looking for a soothing stay among the leaves, Garden Village Bled is located in the foothills of the Julian Alps. It offers a range of unique accommodations ranging from three houses in Slovenian wood to luxury glamping and tents from € 100 per night.

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