The changing of the guard of Italian fashion

In restaurants and hotel lobbies around Milan last week, investors looked for opportunities in independent Italian brands. Patrizio di Marco, former CEO of Gucci, and Mauro Grange are partners of a fund called Made in Italy which is part of the Quadrivio group based in London and Milan. The fund’s sweet spot is made up of small brands, designed and manufactured in Italy, with a strong regional presence and growth potential abroad.

“My job is to bring these companies into the international market,” Grange explains over lunch at Paper Moon, a social hot spot where Michael Kors dined at a few tables. The fund’s investments include 120% Lino, which now has 11 stores across the United States, including one on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

“If you bought well, it means you bought the creativity here,” says di Marco.

A spokeswoman for Proli said the Missoni CEO was not available to comment on the new strategy. However, for the thriving Missoni family, with new babies born every year, there are summers at a family resort in Sardinia (follow Angela Missoni’s instagram @MissBrunello for fun and voyeuristic recipes) and a close-knit community north of Milan, near the factory where knitwear is made. They recently sold the family’s apartment in Milan, with its mosaic floors designed by late co-founder Ottavio Missoni, Angela’s father, as it was rarely used.

The brand’s co-founder, Rosita Missoni, 90, still designs the Missoni Home line. She smiled from the front row last week. And Angela Missoni remains open to new beginnings after her 24-year stint as Creative Director. “I’m not sad,” she said over coffee. “I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do.

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