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I’m never the type to scold when public servants take a vacation. It’s hard work with long hours and everyone deserves a vacation to relax and reset, but… flying into your Italian villa during a global pandemic is a bad look.

Who the hell thought it was a good idea to take a vacation in Italy during a pandemic / election year, other than the governor obviously. Seriously, the shore is lovely this time of year. Head over to Seaside and grab some taffy and some Bikini Inspector T-shirts for the kids. Feast on cheesesteaks and fried dough. Rent a tandem bike, play skee ball. You are the governor, I’m sure there is some form of employee discount on the beach tags. I’m sure Italy is beautiful, but do they have the Fudgey-Wudgey man selling ice cream on the sand?

It’s a bold move to fly to the Mediterranean while your Republican opponent covers the airwaves that you’re not a real Jersey guy. We’re also in the midst of a COVID wave with schools slated to open in a few weeks. I’m sure there are things to do in the office. Maybe go out of season next time.

The governor has predictably received a fair amount of criticism for the time of his vacation, but there is a loud voice – predictably – that should sit down and be quiet. Former Governor Christie lost the right to criticize anyone’s vacation plans when he shut down the government to sunbathe.

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