Top 5 Most Popular Italian Restaurants in Montgomery, Alabama | restaurant review


Italian dishes are one of the favorites all over the world. From pizza to delicious pasta dishes, these are all Italian dishes that most people love. Considering this, there are mani Italia restaurants in Montgomery that offer Italian dishes. For the best and most popular Italian restaurants in Montgomery, keep reading!

1. SA ZA – Serious Italian Food

Sa Za- Serious Italian Food is one of the best restaurants in Montgomery that offers the best authentic Italian dishes. The restaurant started operating in 2009, and its main goal is to be the best place that offers authentic Italian dishes loved by all. Accompanying their delicious dishes, local artists ensure that guests enjoy the best relaxing music while dining.

2. Italian restaurant in the olive garden

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in Montgomery. The restaurant opened in 1982 and is committed to ensuring that all customers have an unforgettable dining experience at the restaurant. They offer dishes like pasta, appetizers, starters, calamari, homemade soups and many other delicacies.

3. Mr. Gus’ Ristorante

Mr. Gus’ Ristorante is one of the finest restaurants dedicated to offering the finest selection of Greek and Italian dishes. Their dishes are delivered in an elegant, comfortable and unpretentious setting. Their specialty includes Mediterranean pasta salad, seafood pasta, spaghetti salads and many more.

4. Italia Kitchen by Giusseppi

Italia Cucina de Giusseppi is a popular Italian restaurant offering its customers excellent service and authentic Italian dishes. The spot offers its customers indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy their orders. The restaurant accepts cash and credit cards.

5. Kitchen of Midtown Pizza

Midtown Pizza Kitchen is the best place to unwind for Montgomery locals. The restaurant is famous for its authentic and incomparable Italian dishes. Their pizza is the best in Montgomery, with a thin crust and full of flavor. For the freshest and most authentic dishes, the Midtown Pizza kitchen is the place to be.

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