Torino car park bust: How and why recruitment tensions boiled over

The hills come alive to the sound of music. Music not sweet. Anyone filming from the balcony of his hotel room in North Tyrol would not describe it as Edelweiss.

One of the biggest all-time meltdowns in Serie A history was about to escalate.

“Don’t raise your voice against me,” Turin sporting director Davide Vagnati kept repeating, growing louder and louder as he jostled with coach Ivan Juric in an argument over the slow transfer window. club and the need for 10 new players.

“Fuck you,” retorted Juric.

Arrive Marco Pellegri, the Torino team manager, who managed to come between them, as the boxing referee Mills Lane did, just when the verbal altercation began to become physical in the parking lot of the KUHOTEL.

“If he hadn’t shown, it would have been ugly,” Tuttosport’s Marco Bonetto said from the town of Seekirchen, near Salzburg. “We fear that we wrote this article from the waiting room of an Austrian hospital.”

Marking Vagnati with the same skill as Gleison Bremer, the Serie A defender of the year who Torino has just sold to city rivals Juventus in a deal worth almost 50 million euros (£49.1m, $51m), Pellegri got a workout that was just as physical as one of Juric’s pre-season training sessions.

“You’re a fucking person,” Vagnati said of the coach he hired last summer. “Fuck, I’ve had it so far.”

Juric was then called an “asshole” and Vagnati asked him to show some respect.

“I don’t have one,” whispered the bespectacled Croatian. “Go do your job.”

As the argument moved closer and closer to the hotel, aspiring Abraham Zapruder with the camera phone ducked out of sight, missing what made Vagnati scream.

Regardless of the fact that Fight Club’s first rule is don’t talk about Fight Club, uploading footage to Twitter is apparently okay. In no time, Torino was all the rage in Italy and the club had to do some damage control.

Shortly before midnight, Sky Sport 24 got a call. It was Vagnati, wanting to comment on the unsavory scenes that pearl-hungry commentators claim no one wants to see when they are, in fact, all everyone wants to see. Otherwise, why are people spitting on pay-per-view boxing and UFC fights on platforms that already require a subscription?

“There was a debate,” Vagnati said, sharing his entry for understatement of the year. “It wasn’t nice to see, but these things happen when you have two people who really care about doing things a certain way.”

It might have been outrageous, but the comparison with when Delio Rossi hit Adem Ljajic, punching him in the dugout or when Silvio Baldini went after Mimmo Di Carlo on the touchline, kicking him in the ass? How about Christian Panucci threatening to ‘smash’ Enrico Preziosi’s ‘head in’, while curiously telling his fellow Italian to ‘learn to speak Italian’.

As shocking as it was to see Vagnati and Juric get into it, no one was surprised. There have been tensions since Torino decided to appoint the latter last summer. The 2021-22 season was not even a month old and he was already complaining.

“Turin has chosen to embark on the path of austerity,” he said. “It’s very good. The only problem is that me and my staff were not aware of this decision to start cutting everything, so I’m a little surprised by this way of doing things.

As with Antonio Conte and the way he spoke after Tottenham’s loss to Burnley in February, pundits were largely unsympathetic, saying he should have done his homework before taking the job. How could he not know what he was getting into?

Juric, for what it’s worth, makes Conte look shy and withdrawn.

When Torino owner Urbano Cairo said he would rather his manager let him know where the club should step in while there is still time to do something than complain at the end of the transfer window, Juric said replied: “But we did not intervene at all.”

Marko Pjaca’s signing was met with a shrug. “He was free.”

Returning to his former club Verona in May, the Turin coach stood up and abruptly left the press conference in tears.

“I don’t regret leaving,” he said. “When you put so much of your heart into something and give it your all emotionally… well, I guess sometimes I went too far. I am now more mature than a year ago.

Juric had left because he was tired of Verona breaking up the team every year, cashing in on players and not reinvesting enough of the profits from their sale.

“It was great here,” he said, choking.

Andrea Belotti is among a number of key Turin players who left this summer (Picture: Getty Images)

Juric may seem unreasonably demanding for someone who has never won anything. Yet he is one of the best coaches in Italy. The combative former midfielder brought Crotone into Serie A for the first time in their history, his teams are always terrible to play against and, by beating Verona at the weekend, he ensured that his successor Igor Tudor does not could not beat the club points record he had set.

Torino also figured as one of the most improved sides in Serie A last season, taking 13 points more than a year earlier and finishing mid-table, breaking the cycle of the club being sucked into a battle. inexplicable relegation after an inexplicable relegation battle.

A disciple of Gian Piero Gasperini, he turns teams into pressing monsters and regularly upsets the best teams in the league, which is why with a little more support – any support, really – Juric thinks he can bring Torino to Europe or maybe even go on a Cours cup.

At the end of last season he said: “It has been a very positive year. I would give us six or six and a half out of 10. We have laid the foundation. Now it depends on the path the club wants to follow. You can be ambitious and sign a certain type of player… or do something else. I do not know.

“I would like to thank the guys, because we never gave up. I consider it a positive season when you look at the (recent) past. But this fan base demands more. The bar has been raised. Now it’s up to the club.”

How’s it going? Well, not great judging by the row in the KUHOTEL parking lot.

Talismanic striker and top scorer Andrea Belotti left this summer as an as yet unsigned free agent. Midfield string puller Rolando Mandragora is now at European football’s direct rivals Fiorentina. Tommaso Pobega is back at AC Milan after a season on loan. Tricky winger Josip Brekalo has decided not to make his loan from Wolfsburg permanent. Leader Cristian Ansaldi is no longer at the club. Bremer has stayed in town but will play for Juventus at the start of the season in two weeks. The only significant addition so far is Nemanja Radonjic on loan from Marseille.

As a death metal fan, Juric has a habit of screaming his head off. “I started listening to Metallica and Megadeth when I was 14 and then moved on to more aggressive stuff.” Bands like Carcass and Napalm Death, which he has seen several times. “I said to myself one day, ‘I’m going to be good this time and listen to music… but after half an hour, I was in the mosh pit’.”

Songs like You Suffer seem to be Juric’s summer soundtrack. That’s why Vagnati raised his hand on Sky Sport 24.

“The gentleman (the coach) rightly wants the players to arrive as soon as possible. The club and I are doing everything we can in a difficult market. We will get Juric the players he needs. After the dispute , we hugged and said the right thing.

“We are real people who say what it is and it is also thanks to these debates and these arguments that we can start again and do what is for the best. It is a starting point.

Not the end and not an obituary – to name another of the bands, Juric is probably playing hard in his hotel room in Austria – for his time in Turin.

“They both talked to each other, cleared the air and made up,” Cairo told Radio Radio. “They are moving forward and are more aligned than ever. There is nothing else to add. Apart, of course, from a host of new recruits.

A breakthrough came just 24 hours after a scene that could have come from Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff music video. Valentino Lazaro, the Austrian international winger, is expected to be loaned by Inter Milan.

Maybe Vagnati and Juric should argue more often.

(Top photos: Getty Images)

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