Travel to Lake District £ 1,500 more expensive than Italy because families are not on vacation

Families are overpriced for self-catering stays in the UK amid a cost increase of over 40%, with a trip to Italy £ 1,622 cheaper than a family trip to the Lake District.

Analysis by whom? found that increased demand amid the pandemic led to a sharp rise in the cost of private housing in the UK during the pandemic.

AirDNA data shows that self-catering accommodation in the UK in August costs on average 41% more than in 2019, or around £ 300 extra per week.

As of August 2019, private accommodation in Brighton is said to have cost an average of £ 109 a night, but this month the cost has risen 89% to £ 206 a night.

Prices have also increased on average by 74% in Lyme Regis, 63% in Sidmouth and 42% in St Ives.

Rising prices for self-catering accommodation in the UK

The data below, from AirDNA, shows the average prices per night for bookings made on Airbnb or Vrbo in the weeks starting August 19, 2019 and August 23, 2021.

Brighton, East Sussex: £ 109, up from £ 206 – 89% increase.

Lyme Regis, Dorset: £ 150, up from £ 260 – 74% increase.

Sidmouth, Devon: £ 124, up from £ 202 – 63% increase.

St Ives, Cornwall: £ 141, compared to £ 200 – increase of 42%.

Whitby, North Yorkshire: £ 138, up from £ 171 – 24% increase.

While additional demand for self-contained housing has pushed up prices elsewhere, other countries have not seen such dramatic surges as the UK.

In popular Portuguese and Spanish resorts, like Alvor in the Algarve and Costa Adeje in Tenerife, the price of private accommodation has increased by 22% and 33% respectively.

The consumer group also found that vacations to some popular UK destinations currently cost hundreds of pounds more than trips to European destinations, even when plane tickets are factored in.

Who? compared the average cost of private vacation rentals and hotels in UK destinations versus overseas tourist hot spots for the month of August.

A seven-night stay at a popular Lake Garda hotel in Italy was almost a quarter the price of a similar vacation in the Lake District – totaling £ 802 compared to £ 2,424.

Transport costs for stays were based on an estimate that the average UK resident travels 310 miles on their holiday, which equates to £ 43 in gasoline costs.

The only vacations which? found this month that worked cheaper in the UK than overseas was a break in Tenby, Wales, compared to Estepona, on Spain’s Costa del Sol. However, it was only £ 10 cheaper.

How seven nights at the cheapest hotel in August stack up against UK and overseas destinations?

Big lakes

Windermere, United Kingdom Garda, Italy

£ 2,831 Accommodation £ 631

£ 43 Estimated transport cost £ 171

£ 2,424 Total £ 802

Seaside getaways

Brighton, United Kingdom Nice, France

£ 1,088 Accommodation £ 679

£ 43 Estimated transport cost £ 405

£ 1,131 Total £ 1,085

Prices are based on 2 adults with breakfast in the cheapest central hotel rated 8+ on Overseas transport costs are based on the cheapest reasonable flights on Skyscanner.

He also found that while the pandemic had helped drive up the price of breakups in the UK, even before Covid, it was among the most expensive holiday destinations in Europe.

According to data from travel company Kayak, the average price per night for three and four star hotels in 2019 in the UK was £ 109 – 79% more than Malta, 35% more than Portugal and 21% more more than Spain, on average.

Meanwhile, despite UK hotel prices falling 13% on average last year due to Covid, prices in other European countries have fallen by as much or more. In Greece, prices are down 20% in 2020, with a hotel room costing an average of £ 71.

Rory Boland, which one? Travel editor said: “Holidays at home have always been expensive, but things got worse during the pandemic and it is no wonder that many people have felt deprived of a vacation this year.

“The reasons for the price hikes are complex, but it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that some unscrupulous hosting providers are charging exorbitant prices. “

I contacted Airbnb, and Vrbo for comment.

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