Traveling with your best friend

As a member of the family, the dog deserves a vacation as much as we do. Instead of researching the best pet-friendly hotels, plan your trip so that your friend is part of the adventure. The opportunities are numerous, and some are a great opportunity to discover a new destination.

Europe is the best and closest choice, whether by car, motorhome or plane, you can always experience memorable emotions.

Don’t forget that your pet must be vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped and have a passport. That’s enough to indulge carelessly in the journey. Keep in mind that if you have decided to visit museums and cultural centers, it cannot happen with your dog, but you will find many other ways to entertain yourself.

Ireland and Scotland

The Irish don’t just love dogs, they love them. It is no coincidence that they also have a breed – the Irish Wolfhound. The wonderfully gentle giant is an ancient breed that existed in Ireland as early as the 4th century. Even this short canine reference can give you an idea of ​​what to expect in terms of treatment for your furry pet. There are even tour operators here who specialize in finding the best for your dog. Special insurances are also available. Everywhere you will be well received and will appreciate the Irish spirit. The Scots also offer excellent opportunities. Besides hotels and restaurants, you can even visit castles with your dog. Mandatory with a leash, and if it is a larger breed, with a muzzle. In Norway you can enjoy endless expanses and routes worthy of any adventurer


It is one of the most dog friendly. Most owners of hotels and rental apartments don’t mind having a four-legged guest. The only condition is that you have made a reservation in advance. The restaurants, except those with a Michelin star, will also welcome you. If you choose Bern, you will enjoy the possibilities of long walks around the city and its surroundings. Lake Yoshinen is 66 kilometers from the capital. It is mesmerizingly beautiful and well worth a visit. All the other cities in Switzerland will also offer you their hospitality.


There’s not a dog or person here who doesn’t feel at home no matter where they come from. Norwegians value our friends and want them to be as good as us. If the dog is on a leash, you have followed all important deworming and vaccination regulations, you can be together almost anywhere. In Norway, your dog will be the master of the forest. Infinite expanses and routes worthy of any adventurer.

Italy and France

They are still the ideal travel option. And when you go out with your pet, you have nothing to worry about. The Italians aren’t as affectionate towards dogs as the Irish, but they make wonderful companions, even on all fours. This means that they will appreciate your dog as much as they welcome you. And if you decide to leave him for an hour or two at the hotel, they’ll make sure he doesn’t get bored. The Abruzzo region, for example, is the ideal destination for you and your dog. It’s only a little over an hour’s drive from Rome, and it’s not very well known by tourists. There are three national parks in the region. The paths are perfect for long walks and you can enjoy the architecture of small Italian villages. If you don’t have a car, the train is the most convenient mode of transport and dogs are allowed. Local hotels are happy to accommodate you and your dog. In Italy, there is also a culinary surprise for your pet that will not be offered anywhere else: ice cream for dogs. In almost all gelaterias he can try different flavors. In France, you can even take your dog to the beach and enjoy delicacies together in one of the chic restaurants along the Seine if you choose Paris. The Abruzzo region is the ideal destination for you and your pet

Germany and Austria

Both countries have great options for dogs, in every city. You can travel by public transport, visit the parks and gardens of some palaces. Each restaurant and bar will take care of your pet by giving you a bowl of water, others also offer food. In Austria, dogs are equal citizens. Once they have documents, they also have rights. They can enter stores, even some large grocery chains. If you use the metro, your dog must be muzzled.


Barcelona is one of the most dog-friendly cities. Your dog can travel safely on public transport, be with you on the beach and swim freely without being penalized. Dogs are welcome in the restaurants.

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