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The Union College field hockey team is starting their pre-season a little early with a team trip to Italy! Come back here every day as the team members give us a taste of the sights, sounds and foods of the country – while playing field hockey too! Also head over to Union Field Hockey’s Instagram account for more posts and stories about the team’s daily adventures!

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Day 1 – August 11, 2022

Ciao from Italy! Coach’s Assistant Alicia Aragosa here ready to tell you all about our first day of travel, our field hockey clinic, and to prepare you for what awaits you. As I write this, we are returning to the hotel after our field hockey clinic, getting ready for our first Italian dinner!

The girls arrived in Newark on August 10 for our day trip. We had smooth journeys through Lisbon and caught our connecting flight to Rome. Our tour guide Stefano greeted us on arrival where our coach and bus driver Evan was waiting for us. We headed to our hotel, just outside the heart of Rome, to rest and recuperate before our first field hockey clinic. We visited a local pizzeria and market to stock up on food and the girls rested to play. While the girls rested, the coaches strolled to a nearby park to see what the area had to offer.

We were then transferred to the field hockey club – Tevere Eur Hockey Club – the place where local Italian field hockey players train and compete. On arrival we were greeted by the president of the field hockey club, Madelon and our coach for the evening, Luca. The clinic was fast and fun. Thank you Tevere Eur Hockey Club!

Union Field Hockey ClinicTonight we will enjoy our first of many Italian dinners and look forward to what lies ahead. On this trip we will travel from Rome to Florence, from Pisa to Milan and end our journey at Lake Como and Bellagio. Tomorrow we will take a walking tour of the ancient ruins in downtown Rome and participate in our field hockey game against local players from the Italian hockey club Tevere Eur.

Follow tomorrow as players take over from here! Ciao for now!

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