Loan guarantee has advantages and disadvantages. What are they like?

    What are the market dominated by loans? These are the consumer ones that have quite benevolent conditions of acquisition. There are primarily three things to do when applying for them. What are these things? It is: Regular income security Wage in sufficient amount Good financial past Then there are loans in higher sums. […]

Loans from people and private individuals – what to watch out for?

The term “loans from private individuals” is becoming more and more common today. Many people associate them mainly with the segment of P2P loans. Not only will we look at him. Our goal is to go through all the options that exist and assess whether they are a good choice or a bad choice. Private […]

Private Lenders/loan

One of the alternatives to traditional banking are private lenders . They are individuals who are dedicated to lending money to those who need it, in exchange for some interests and provided that certain requirements are met, which are usually much lighter with respect to banking. see for more notes private lenders The service […]